Friday, 30 November 2012


We have been learning about Myths in Literacy. Here are some of the myths that the children have written themselves.

How hurricanes came to the world

Long long ago in a deserted desert Mr.Wind came back from a far far away village for his dinner. Now Mr.Wind didn't like spaghetti so he was furious with Mrs.Wind for doing it for tea. But Baby Wind loved spaghetti and sucked it all up in his mouth while Mr and Mrs.Wind chased each other round the house. Baby Wind was so hungry that he sucked everything in Mr and Mrs.Winds path, as they ran about. Baby Wind sucked up the house so Mr and Mrs.Wind were exposed and ran all over the desert.

Moral: If you do something that somebody likes but nobody else does, then don’t do it - it may turn into a problem! 

by Izzy

Why Meteorites Happen!!!

Long, long ago, at the beginning of the world it was peaceful and everything was perfect. The gods looked after the world so what people needed came and what they did not need like disease and old age never came. In space lived Meteor Man. His job was to create meteors and send them to Jupiter as that was where his cousin, Blackhole man lived. One day, as he was creating a meteor, somebody knocked on the door. Meteor Man went to open it but when he did there was nobody there! Meteor Man went back inside to finish his meteor. A few minutes later, somebody knocked on the door again. He walked to the door and opened it but again, there was nobody there. Somebody knocked on the window opposite the door. Meteor Man spun round but there was nobody there. He started getting angry as again and again, his work was interrupted by somebody knocking on the window, the door, the wall! He stormed outside with his meteor (which was now huge and nearly finished) and flung at the nearest planet (which happened to be earth).
Occasionally, somebody (who is in fact Mystery Man) comes to Meteor Mans house and annoys him in a new way. That is why meteors occasionally hit earth.

Moral: Don’t get annoyed by something you could just ignore.   

by Poppy and Ella

5000 years ago, when the world had just been created, there were 2 cloud looking people. They were called “Girl Wind Cloud” and “Boy Terror Cloud”. This very sunny, particular day Girl Wind Cloud was playing her golden flute and Boy Terror Cloud was doing all the work. But he stopped in his tracks when Girl Wind Cloud fell asleep on the cloudy sofa.
“Hey, Girl Wind Cloud. Wake up and help with the chores!” But Girl Wind Cloud would not wake up, she just kept snoring like a dragon and a little cloud went above her head.
“No!” came a groaning noise, from her, like a lion growling.
“Come on Girl, You are just a lazy lion!!!” But only a muffled  voice answered  him. Suddenly! Boy Terror Cloud made loads of anger, noise and wind to make a hurricane!!!
And to this day whenever there is a hurricane that means Boy Terror Cloud and Girl Wind Cloud are arguing .



  1. Hi these myths are fantastic and very entertaining

  2. That was very intresting

  3. How interesting how did you know all that stuff and what website did you copy off?


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