Thursday, 25 October 2012

A visit to Barton Turf

The Norfolk Broads were dug by men using just spades! They are called the Broads because the river course was broadened, or widened, when the men were digging the turf. Turf was used as a fuel for fires and cooking. This part of the Broads is called Barton Turf, after the turf.
We all had an hour boat trip and even saw a sunken wherry, the old boat they used to use to transport cargo up and down the rivers.
We did some pond and dyke dipping and identified the creatures we found. We were also helping look for the killer shrimp - a type of shrimp that has come from another country. It is actually very small, but eats the young water insects. We did find three or four, which was very worrying for the Broads Authority as it shows they are spreading.


  1. Wow, that is really interesting. Our introduced predators here are all mammals - ferrets, stoats, possums, wild cats, rabbits, rats, weasels - or as Casey says "Cute furry animals!"
    They dont kill our 'native insects, but they kill our native birds and reptiles like Skinks or Kiwis.
    From Tana, Hunter,Ben and Josh HFS

    1. Hi ash class i have herd you have been on some boats.

  2. Hi Ash class
    It is a big boat. Is it a preppler boat? from Sara, Stefan, and Dane 2v @apollo.

  3. wow that looks fun for a school trip. I hope the srimp don't spread
    from Georgie room6 HFS


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