Thursday, 24 May 2012

Would you rather go camping than abroad?

Camping and going abroad have been battling for more popularity for years now, trying to prove they're better than the other. More and more people are moving over to abroad’s side and the tradition of camping is being twisted into glamping. This means that when someone goes camping they’re taking things like washing lines or hanging baskets full of flowers.

Tents have been around since the native Americans started to use tipi's. They may not be as fancy as today's tents but they have been homes to people around the world for over a century. When people go abroad you have to pay for boat or plain journeys that can cost over £300. As well as that they have to pay for were they are staying, however when you go camping  you have to pay for you pitch at the campsite(sometimes you don't even have to do that as you can camp in your back garden), and your tent along with sleeping bags as well as food. It may sound a lot although it is not as much ad the plain or boat tickets.
Abroad on the other hand has good points as well. If you live somewhere like Scotland or England you con go to turkey or Greece to get away from all the bad weather. Also you can go on all types of holidays abroad, from skiing to just relaxing. As well as that abroad there is much more scenery like mountains or valleys furthermore making the holiday worth all the money people spend on it.

In  my honest opinion I would prefer to go camping abroad as it saves arguments and conflict on what to do. As well as you get fresh air and lovely scenery. But that's my choice, what’s yours?

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