Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Chickens, by Jessica

 My chickens!

He is a boy, I got him and three girls, from a friend up my road, we got three girls and Max, my sister Gemma had two and I had  and one, Max. We have one egg from each girl every day so that would be three eggs a day. Me and my sister love our chickens, we feed them every day, and I let Max out of the chicken shed in the morning. We put Max in the chicken shed so he doesn't cluck really
loud, and wake  the neighbour up in the morning so that is why we put him in the shed at night. There are several other like Max and the girls like this.

And the girls
The eggs from the girls
Hatching chick

new born chick  
 mum on the eggs  

mum with her chicks  
what chickens and chicks eat:
corn mix
chicken Pellets
mini corn for chick
(Boiled) Carrots

One other thing you will need for your chickens is a shed for the girls to lay their eggs and for your male to go in at night.

If you have chicks you will need to make sure they don’t get cold or run away or gets killed by a rat fox or a ferret.

there is your info...         Bye bye


  1. Thank you Jessica for putting Max to bed in a chicken shed at night so he does not wake me up early in the mornings very kind of you.

  2. That is a really interesting post about chickens and their chicks.

  3. That is interesting and those chicken's are really cute.

  4. Wow!! Those chickens are weird and that mum siting on her eggs looks huge.

  5. WOW! Those new born chicks are cute and sooooo tiny.

  6. Wow awesome chickens,I have never seen a chicken hatch before.Great post

  7. I think that is really interesting and I think the boy chicken is the cute and the little chick is cute too.

  8. Wow nice baby chicks there. I wish our class can have one but anyway who is the biggest and who is the smallest?

  9. The chickens are really cute I wish I had one.

  10. It must have been fun to take care of them and one question which is your favourite

  11. I've got chickens. we tryed to hatch 3 but our chicken killed 2


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