Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Monkeyphant By Ellie K

The monkyfant, is a cross between a elephant, and a monkey. It has a long, light brown tail, and a short, stubby trunk. It’s ears are like wings, sticking out the side of its head! Its body shines in the night. It always eats any kind of berries, or fruit like: bananas, apples, oranges and pears. It lives in in England, and loves hot conditions. They are very intelligent creatures, who are never fooled by humans, or other animals. Although they are small, they are hardly ever eaten by other hungry creatures. They are harmless to anybody they meet!


  1. Hi Ellie
    Cool I would have a monkeyphant as a pet!
    Ted at Misson Primary

  2. You have a really good imagination. I have to admit, i would want a monkeyphant as a pet! Its is a really cool creature!


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