Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lego or Knex?

Is Kn-ex better than Lego?

What is the best children's building product Kn-ex or Lego find out more about them and then vote which one is best online after reading this article

Lego is better because other companies have copied them including kn-ex themselves but kn-ex say they copied them but many say Lego has only just been invented and copied kn-ex but just as many people believe the opposite.    

Lego is better known  because they  have TV adverts  on very popular  children's programs  where as kn-ex has posters in shop windows .

Kn-ex is stronger and very flexible and is  quite easy to get lost in places because the pieces are long and thin but some pieces are brightly coloured plus some glow in the dark however Lego's  pieces are short and stumpy which makes them easy to see.

what do you think vote now!!!  


  1. I think Lego is better because, you can build more things with it and because it is well known throughout the world.

  2. I think Lego is better because with Lego you can build really big towers and Police stations and do all kinds of construction.

  3. I think that lego is the best because as you said it is easer to see and they are also easer to build.

  4. i think lego because you can builed hundreds of things with it, and i think it is alot better.


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