Sunday, 6 May 2012

Guinea pigs by Ella

       Guinea Pigs

Food:                                Playtime
What They Like To Eat:              It is important to play with   
Carrots,                                         your guinea pig/s. Many
Lettuces,                                      people think they bite, but
Cucumbers,                                  actually friendly creatures.
Food Mix,                                       When ever you can stroke
Parsley,                                          them (they love it.)
And Grass!!!
Don’t forget to feed
Them regularly!!!

How To Clean Them Out:
You should clean them out once a week, take out all the old bedding and add new megasorb and hay (not straw.)

Keeping good care of them:
To look after a guinea pig you need alot of commitment otherwise they will have a very bad life and that's not fair on them.


  1. Wow that's nice to know and that little guinea pig is so cute.

  2. That guinea pig is so cute. my sister is getting one :)

  3. I have two guinea pigs, and they are ADDICTED to grass. they have eaten all of the grass under their cage outside, so i have to put clumps more in for them!

  4. After I heard that, I want to get a guinea-pig now!
    (I like the picture!)

    from Mary (England)

  5. I love guinea pigs they are so cute. I wish I had one.

  6. After I heard that I want to get a guinea-pig now!
    (I like the picture)

  7. Nice guinea pig. It is so cute. I like the colours. I haven't seen a guinea pig like that.

  8. Wow nice to know a little bit about Guinea pigs.

  9. your guinea pigs ar cool luke :-]


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