Monday, 23 April 2012

The Magic Dragon by Ellie

Lucy stared around. Where was she, her mum, the hospital? Why was she here? The place seemed strangely quiet. Palm trees swayed in the light wind, while the sand glowed a beautiful gold, swirling like a harmless tornado. It was like a dream!

“Hrrrrr...” Lucy turned. Nobody was there. The island got darker.
“Hrrrrr.” She moved her head to the right. A dragon was stirring. Lucy scampered to the nearest tree, barely able to walk. The dragon awoke.
“I understand your mother is poorly. I will send you back to your  world, make sure you give this apple to her...”

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  1. Hello Ellie!
    What an imaginative story you have written here! I love the idea that it may be a dream or an adventure and you kept your readers wondering right to the end. It is great to see a friendly dragon too! Thank you for joining the 100WC!


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