Sunday, 4 March 2012


Hi I'm Sam, I come from Thurlton and go to school in Thurlton Primary School. I love playing on my XBOX 360 and my favourite game on it is FIFA 12. I love games a lot because I also play for a football team called ST BENET'S  WASPS. My favourite kind of footy boot is Adidas  and my favourite type is f50 which is a blue and red colour                                 These are the boots I like.

This is the scooter I like. I like to go to the skate park alot which is indoor and is in a place called GT Yarmouth and is right near the beach. This is also the XBOX I have

I also like cars and my favourite is a Lamborghini Gallardo


  1. Those are really brightly coloured boots and I like your scooter too.

  2. Wow!! That's a fantastic story about what you like I also have a xbox 360 I like Fifa too.


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