Friday, 30 March 2012

100 word challenge by Tia

The melting chocolate Rabbit.
      Prompt: The chocolate rabbit melted in the sun....        
One day,she sat in the tree,eating a Easter Egg.
“Juliet! Time for lunch!” Called dad.
“Coming,father! replied Juliet as she ran back into the house,leaving her Chocolate Rabbit in the tree. The chocolate Rabbit melted in the sun.
After lunch,Juliet climbed back up the tree to finish off her Chocolate Rabbit.
“Oh,No! my bunny!”yelled Juliet. She ran back into the house.
“Mum!Dad! my chocolate rabbit melted!” panicked Juliet.
“Don’t worry,darling. It’s all right.” said Mum calmly.
“We’ll get you a real bunny for easter”. Said Dad. And she did!


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  1. Lucky Juliet! What a lovely story Tia! The chocolate bunny sounded delicious, I wonder what the real rabbit was like? Did you have an idea in mind for it. Keep writing, I enjoyed the story
    Stephen Leatherdale Team 100wc


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