Friday, 30 March 2012

100 Word Challenge by Poppy

The Hunt

The easter egg hunt had been going on for an hour now and the children were getting hot. “There it is!” Exclaimed Emma, pointing to a hole in a tree. The girls ran to the tree and pulled out the last chocolate bunny. “Dinner time!” Shouted Emily’s Dad. The girls left the bunny on the table and followed the other kids inside. Meanwhile, the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun! “Oh,no!” Shouted the girls when they came back out. “Our rabbit has melted!” “It doesn't matter. You still won and the prize is a chocolate bunny!”  Said Emily’s mum.

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  1. Poppy,I really enjoyed reading this. The situation you wrote about is really realistic so I could imagine it vividly. One way to improve it would be to include more adjectives. Apart from that it is great!
    From Jessica
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