Friday, 30 March 2012

100 Word Challenge by Ellie K

“Mum!The eater bunny’s here, I saw him!”
“Go back to bed Lisa! Nobody has ever seen the easter bunny, you must be dreaming,” cried Lisa,s mum grumpily, tossing in her bed.
“But,”she stammered...
“Lisa!” She knew that voice very well, but she definitely saw the easter bunny.

The next day, the first thing Lisa saw was a pile of easter eggs by her bed.
“Mum! Look how many eggs I’ve got,” she stopped, “but where’s my chocolate bunny?” After a stressful morning, looking for the bunny, Lisa suddenly saw it. The easter bunny had melted in the sun.


  1. WOAH! Ellie this is brilliant, I likle how you have gone strait in to your story with speech. Was Lisa dreaming or did she really see the easter bunny? Maybe next time thoguh you could include a few more adjectives. Apart fromn that you 100WC was fantastic keep entering the !))WC please!

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    1. Thanks, they are really nice comments!!!!Thanks for the tips aswell.

  2. Wow Ellie this is a amazing piece of writing you sould be very proud of yourself. I like how you have used speech and have remembered new speeker new line. Also you have used some level five punctuation which is great. The only thing is that try to be alittle more careful with you typing because you have put eater bunny instead of easter bunny but apart from that your 100 word challange is great and keep entering it. Keep up the amazing work!

    From George at

  3. WOW! that is amazing i would never be able to do that how do you get such good ideas?

  4. WOW! Nice story it's really exciting when you wake up and its Easter.
    Well done.


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