Friday, 30 March 2012

100 word challenge by Callum

Once upon a time there was a fantastic birthday party. There was a little boy called max, he loved chocolate so his mum and dad got him a chocolate rabbit. Half an hour later he went out . when he got back he got upset because the chocolate  rabbit had meltted in the sun.So after five minutes he put the rabbit in the fridge. half an hour later he got the rabbit out of the fridge. he said that it was lovely but very hard but it was still nice aswell.


  1. Callum,
    Now here's a young man who is very thrifty--most children would not have thought of putting the melted chocolate in the fridge. Be mindful of using uppercase letters when you begin sentences :). Thanks for this entertaining 100WC story.

  2. Callium,
    You have created an easy-going and patient character! Good show on this 100WC. Be mindful of those proper nouns,ok? Thanks for your participation!Keep writing. Mrs. Doebley, Teacher of English, Ocean City,NJ, USA


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