Friday, 30 March 2012

100 Word Challenge by Archie

One day a boy called Theo was scootering down the hill. Very fast, too fast. He stopped scooting to go into the shop, which sat at the bottom of the hill. His scooter was a custom scooter, which had 81 custom fubars,
Phoenix  grenade clamp, FSA Orbit Headset, District deck, grit threadless forks, blazer pro wheels, super reds bearings. when he was at the shop, he bought a chocolate rabbit. But sadly it melted in the sun later that day. Because he left it outside for all of the next day. So  be warned if you like chocolate.


  1. An excellent warning here Archie! You certainly know lots about scooters too! It is so good to read your work on the 100WC!

  2. Thanks mrs skinner i do like my scooter stuff indeed lol!!!!!


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